PT. Hope Indonesia
UPDATE: Starting from October 2015, PT. Hope Indonesia also manufacture & export Cocoa Butter & Cocoa Cake.

    PT. Hope Indonesia, established in 2004, started commercial production of single-origin Cocoa Liquor (a.k.a. Cocoa Mass) in July 2006. Since then until June 2014, we have exported 750 full container loads or 15,000 metric tons of Cocoa Liquor to Germany and other countries. Customers trust our ability to bring out the best from Sulawesi’s cocoa beans at the most competitive price. PT. Hope Indonesia is managed by Filipino professionals with decades of work experience in several factories, from Manila (the first modern chocolate manufacturer in Southeast Asia established in 1954), to Medan (the first cocoa processor in Sumatra established in 1986), to Makassar (the first cocoa processor in Sulawesi established in 1995). GMP and HACCP principles are used comprehensively to ensure consistent product quality and the highest food safety standards. PT. Hope Indonesia is the first in Indonesia to specialize in Cocoa Liquor, and the first Indonesian company to be member of the World Cocoa Foundation in 2010. PT. Hope Indonesia is profit-oriented, but more important for the founders are the ability to share and provide livelihood to many people. And share we did, during 8 years of commercial production (from July 2006 to June 2014), the company has given bonuses 12 times. Each time was one month of salary for each & every employee, regardless of rank or position, but not including the management. The bonuses are on top of the annual 13th month pay and other benefits including 12-days annual paid leave (convertible to cash). Note: Our unique bonus system is not based on company's financial results or performance, but rather on productivity, i.e. profit or loss, employees get their bonuses when production targets are reached. Looking ahead, we hope to be able to give bonuses at least 16 times during the next 8 years. Of course, this can only be possible with the continued support of our valued customers. Taking this opportunity, our special thanks & appreciation to TRANSMAR GROUP for their continuous business since 2006.