PT. Hope Indonesia Agro Sejahtera

   PT. Hope Indonesia, established in 2004, started commercial production of single-origin Cocoa Liquor (a.k.a. Cocoa Mass) in 2006. PT. Hope Indonesia is the first in Indonesia to specialize in Cocoa Liquor, and the first Indonesian company to become member of the World Cocoa Foundation in 2010. By 2014, our production facility had surpassed processing twenty million kilograms of Sulawesi's cocoa beans into Cocoa Liquor exported to Germany and other countries. Commencing 2015, PT. Hope Indonesia also manufacture and export Cocoa Butter and Cocoa Cake/Cocoa Powder.

   PT. Hope Indonesia diversified into Corn Cob processing in 2017. Our corncob products are Corn Cob Granule, Corn Cob Grit, Corn Cob Substrate & Corn Cob Meal produced from 100% natural & biodegradable Corn Cob. Initial installed capacity is 10,000 metric tons annually.

   In compliance with new regulations requiring at least three words for a company name (not including 'PT.' which means 'Limited Liability Company'), our company name has changed from 'PT. Hope Indonesia' to 'PT. HOPE INDONESIA AGRO SEJAHTERA' effective immediately as from 08 March 2019.